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Secret Item Armpit Perfume
Perfume Magic

Perfume Magic (香り魔法, パルファムマジック, Parufamu Majikku) is a Holder-Type Magic utilized by Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki. Known for various intense scents, Perfume Magic is the only alternative way to fight against a Dragon should a Dragon Slayer be absent from the fight. Even the mightiest Dragon wouldn't dare to come close to the user of such devastating magic due to its natural enhanced sense of smell. What's truly terrifying about this magic is that it can force the readers into believing they're smelling his perfume every time he uses it in the manga and/or anime. In fact, you're smelling it right now...

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Fake 379
Chapter 379: X791 Blue Pegasus

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  • The Playboy Ichiya
  • Erza showing her shyness
  • Bestiality love

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One Night With Ichiya.
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"Insert Carrot's Ichiya Fanart Here."


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Erza, love is in the air, so allow us to take this chance, and let tonight become your greatest one night!

Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki, One Night with Ichiya

Did You Know?
  • ...that Ichiya is on the number one spot for "Wizard I'd like to be my boyfriend" for seven years straight?
  • ...that every male members of Fairy Tail wants to join the Trimen secretly?
  • ...that every female members of Fairy Tail Universe and Wikia have been fighting for Ichiya's love?


Quick News
  • And the results are in!! Your vote for the perfect significant other for Ichiya, with #### out of ####, is Erza Scarlet!!! All hail Ichiya x Erza!! The full results is as follows:
Position Team Votes Percent
1 Erza Scarlet 2724 50.72%
2 Erza Scarlet 1370 25.51%
3 Erza Scarlet 576 10.73%
4 Erza Scarlet 477 8.88%
5 Erza Scarlet 131 2.44%
6 Erza Scarlet 46 0.86%
7 Erza Scarlet 46 0.86%
8 Erza Scarlet 46 0.86%
9 Erza Scarlet 46 0.86%
10 Erza Scarlet 46 0.86%
11 Erza Scarlet 46 0.86%
12 Erza Scarlet 46 0.86%
13 Erza Scarlet 46 0.86%
14 Erza Scarlet 46 0.86%
15 Erza Scarlet 46 0.86%
16 Erza Scarlet 46 0.86%
17 Erza Scarlet 46 0.86%
18 Erza Scarlet 46 0.86%
19 Erza Scarlet 46 0.86%
20 Erza Scarlet 46 0.86%
21 Erza Scarlet 46 0.86%



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